(1) Room (15×13)

(1) Private bathroom with shower

(1) Small kitchen setup with sink, refrigerator/freezer, microwave, coffee maker, hot water kettle

(1) 42in Flat Screen TV with Cable

(1) Vanity mirror with counter space and dedicated power outlets

(2) Couches




32ft wide X 25ft deep X 3ft high

(2) 8×8 18″ high drum risers.

12ft stage ceiling clearance

Monitor world stage right, NO STAGE LEFT WING!



(18) 20A 120v- single gang Edison drops available on stage

200A 3 phase tie in UPSTAGE CENTER (lighting)

200A 3 phase tie in OFFSTAGE RIGHT IN ELECTRICAL ROOM (audio)



8×8 FOH riser located center of room, 55ft from downstage edge.

Bike rack for guest engineers on floor.

Midas pro2 Digital Console

Midas dl251 48×16 digital stage box

Nexo Geo s12 line array. 6 per side

Nexo NXAMP4X4 4 Channel Amp w/ DSP (Arrays)

(4) Danley Dh118 subwoofer (under stage)

(4) Crown XTi4002 Amplifier (Subs)

Yamaha Pro CD Player CD-S300

Guest Dry Lines (1x Cat 5/6, 1x 3-pin DMX, 5 Analog/Com)

(From FOH to Stage Right)



Midas pro2 Digital Console (linked in “slave” to FOH console)

(8) JBL STX812M Monitor

(4) XTi4002 Amplifier

(2) EAW SB850 (side fills)

(2) Yamaha DSR215 (side fills)

(2) Yamaha P5000s Amplifier (side fills)

(2) Yamaha DSR118w subwoofer (drum subs)



(2) Shure Beta52A

(1) Shure Beta91

(1) Audix d6

(4) Sennheiser e904

(3) Shure SM137 Condenser

(6) Shure SM58

(3) Sennheiser E906

(4) Shure SM57

(1) Shure ULX S24/58 Wireless Mic

(6) Radial ProDI Direct Boxes

(4) Rapco Passive DI Boxes

(18) Boom Microphone Stands (12 Tall–6 Short)

(50) CBI-High Quality Microphone Cables 10’-30′ XLR

(4) 12ch 50ft sub snakes

(1) iPod/Laptop Audio Interface



Avolites Titan Mobile Lighting Controller w/ touchscreen PC

(1) DMX Opto Splitter (monitor world)

(4) 15′ truss, 12″ box. (30ft FOH, 30ft Upstage)

(8) Chauvet SlimPar Pro RGBW LED (FOH)

(8) Altman 360Q Ellipsoidal – 26 Degree (FOH)

(2) Lightronics AS62D 6×1.2K DMX Dimmer (FOH)

(12) ElekraLite Eyeball LED RGBW 10 Degree (upstage truss)

(4) Elation Platinum Spot LED Pro II Zoom Moving Light (upstage truss)

(6) Intiminator Wash Zoom 350 IRC LED Moving Light (upstage truss)

(4) 2x200w LED audience blinder (midstage on structural I beam)

(2) Chauvet Hurricane 2D Hazer

(1) 20inch Mirror Ball



Casio 3500 Lumen LED/Laser Projector

Kramer VGA TP Transmitter/Rcvr Pair FOH

Da-Lite Cosmopolatian Electrol Screen 65″ x 104″.  (Next to house left array)




Production Manager Contact:

Matt Buck